The CLC volunteer team is the heartbeat of Christian Life Center and the weekend experiences depend on them to happen. We believe that to follow in the footsteps of Christ, you must learn to be a servant (Matt 20:25-28).

One of the best ways to get connected is to join one of our iServe Volunteer Teams.  As part of a team you will build relationships with others that serve and be part of a team helping to accomplish the Missional Vision of CLC. There are many different areas of ministry you can choose to sign up.  Check out our online iServe form below to find our more information or you can email: iserve@clcrolla.com


First Impressions

If you love to work with people and are known for carrying around a smile, this just might be the place for you. Our First Impressions Team welcomes people as they drive onto the lot and greets them as they walk through the doors. You can also have the chance to work in our in-house coffee shop, The Source, where you can serve people a fresh cup of java before they check in to the experience.


Our clcKIDS team enjoy serving our children and raising them as they learn to follow Christ at a young age. You can give a parent the opportunity to hear the message of Christ by serving in our Mini Avenue Nursery, or serve in our KidCentral 1st-5th grade classes with teaching or just helping out another teacher. Either way, you’ll find such great rewards from teaching our young kids the principles of a life with Christ.

Worship & Creative Arts

From our worship to the details that happen backstage and in the booth, this team works together to make each experience something incredible for each person that walks through the doors. If you’d rather be backstage or behind the scenes, you can plug into our media team and operate sound, lighting, or video equipment (don’t worry, we’ll start from square one and teach you everything you need to know). Or if you have a gift in music and are passionate about worship, we’re always looking to connect with others who have this passion.

Zero Five Student Ministries

Zero Five is something fresh and exciting for our teens. We give them a place to connect with other teens and an atmosphere where they are cool to hang out and chat with their peers. If you are interested in serving with this age group, you’ll find Zero Five a great place to serve.


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