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One Comment on “Time”

  1. Do you have the worship (singing) part of the service recorded? It would be wonderful to see and hear.
    This topic is so very important. I have worked with children for a good share of my life.
    Pastor is spot on when he’s talking about the importance of every week.

    Being in social work and most recently with Head Start as an in home visitor (teacher, parent educator, social worker, and advocate rolled into one) for the past 8 years, your teaching has been played out repeatedly. Families who live out their faith together or no faith, boundaries/no boundaries, father involved/not involved, parents on the same page or contradicting each other…

    Little ones need nurturing within the realm of godly wisdom and discipline with love and grace. Boundaries are so necessary. Toddlers that run the home leave it in chaos and Mom and Dad with migraines!

    God bless you and keep you.

    Linda Zoerhof
    Holland, MI

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